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Florida home foreclosure rates continue to improve

Being ranked number one on a list is often cause for celebration. However, Florida once topped a list where many officials were not very pleased to see the state's name. In the past, Florida was first in the country for home foreclosure activity. However, a recent report shows that Florida has made improvements in this area.

Woman faces home foreclosure after Extreme Makeover renovation

Extreme Makeover is a reality television show viewed by many Florida residents and others around the country. The show chronicles the renovation of an existing home for a deserving family. Nine years ago, a woman in another state watched as her home was completely redone on television. However, she now faces home foreclosure and must leave her residence.

Home foreclosure rates improving for Miami-Dade County

After the mortgage crises, many indicators reflect improvement in the financial situations for homeowners in Florida and throughout the country.  Many measures are maintained to demonstrate performance of the housing market. While many improvements are being made, reports from a national real estate and property data provider show that one Florida county still has the room to improve when it comes to home foreclosure.

Mortgage lender faces federal charges of illegal home foreclosure

Ocwen Financial Corporation is one of the largest mortgage servicing companies that are not related to any bank. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently filed a lawsuit against the company in a federal court in Florida, alleging it made mistakes, took shortcuts, caused financial losses, and even caused many borrowers to face home foreclosure. Court documents indicate that the defendants instituted improper foreclosure proceedings on about 1,000 homeowners and even wrongfully sold some properties at auctions.

Home foreclosure rates down in Southwest Florida

The mortgage crisis in 2007 forced many homeowners in Florida and throughout the nation to find ways to keep their homes. Home foreclosure activity continued to rise in the state, according to a property and real estate data provider. However, there is a positive trend occurring in the industry, particularly in Southwest Florida.

Couple faces home foreclosure due to bank mistakes

Homeowners in Florida and around the country work each month to pay their mortgages and remain in their homes. In difficult financial situations, some may seek loan modifications to reduce the amount of monthly mortgage payments. Others may choose to file for bankruptcy in order to keep their home but start with a clean slate to rebuild financial stability. Recently, a consumer affairs columnist highlighted the woes of a couple in another state that believed they had taken the necessary steps to keep their house but now face home foreclosure.

Home foreclosure rates improving in Florida

The housing market has been a big topic in the news for quite some time in Florida and all around the country. The home foreclosure rate skyrocketed when the market was in such disarray. For a period of time, Florida ranked among the top states in the nation for the number of home foreclosures. However, the rate is dropping and now has closed the gap with the national average.

Home foreclosure levels declining

A financial and consumer information company that tracks national trends has reported some encouraging news for homeowners in Florida and across the country. The level of home foreclosure inventory as well as the number of completed foreclosures has significantly decreased over the past year. The company includes all homes at some point in the foreclosure process in its definition of foreclosure inventory. Homes lost to foreclosure make up the number of completed foreclosures.

Home foreclosure cases would be affected by Florida House bill

A Jacksonville representative recently filed a bill in the Florida House that would give lienholders more rights in foreclosure proceedings. The bill proposes legislation that would allow documentation from bankruptcy cases to be considered in home foreclosure actions. A new section of Florida Statute, titled "Actions in Foreclosure," would be created as a result of the bill.

Home foreclosure activity in Florida highest in U. S.

According to a recent report, Florida is tops in the nation. However, in this report, first place was not the ranking Floridians would have chosen for their state. In the past year, Florida led the nation in home foreclosure activity. Studies show that 12 percent of all foreclosures completed in the country occurred in Florida. While Florida had the highest level, the number of foreclosures actually declined in the last 12 months.

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