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Home foreclosure level lowest in over a decade

The mortgage crisis that began nearly a decade ago affected many Florida residents and others throughout the country. Many families were concerned that they could not keep mortgage payments current and feared they would lose their homes. However, improvements in the economy have also been reflected in the latest mortgage industry statistics. A recent report from a national financial services organization indicates that the home foreclosure numbers are at the lowest point in more than 10 years.

Understanding short sales, pre-foreclosure and home foreclosure

Many Florida residents and others around the country have experienced financial difficulties, particularly stemming from the housing crisis about a decade ago. Families were faced with the possibility of losing their homes. While the economy has improved and the crisis has passed, there are often homes in many markets nationwide that are available through a short sale, pre-foreclosure or home foreclosure.

Fighting to keep your house against threats of foreclosure

Debt is a burden that many Americans carry, and it can be difficult to manage outstanding balances for an extended period of time. Whether it is credit card debt or other types of debt, getting behind on payments can result in a vicious cycle of accumulating interest and more money owed. If you are experiencing this with your mortgage and are dealing with threats from creditors because of your past-due payments, you may be wondering how you will keep your house and deal with your debt at the same time.

Finance company sued for alleged illegal home foreclosure

Many Florida residents and others around the country dream of home ownership. However, sometimes the mortgage payments for a home can put a drain on a family's finances. In dire circumstances, banks may choose to foreclose on a home if a homeowner cannot regularly make mortgage payments. A woman in another state has claimed that a finance company conducted an illegal home foreclosure on her residence.

Overall home foreclosure levels improving

It is generally exciting for the state of Florida to be ranked number one in the nation in most scenarios. However, recent reports show Florida to have more home foreclosure sales than any other state in the country. While this particular benchmark was not positive for the state, there are many indicators nationwide that reflect much lower overall foreclosure levels.

Home foreclosure rate still high with distressed mortgages

Residents in Florida and others around the nation have witnessed much improvement in various indicators over the past decade since the housing crisis.  For example, the home foreclosure rate for the total housing market decreased 22 percent in the second quarter. However, a particular niche of the market is still experiencing distress. Foreclosures of severely delinquent mortgages purchased by investment companies are increasing.

Questions answered about home foreclosure process

The country's economic crisis has affected many consumers in Florida and around the nation. Some are struggling to make ends meet and wondering how to fulfill all their financial obligations, especially their monthly mortgage payment. Those who are unable to make their mortgage payments on time may be in the home foreclosure process. A realtor addressed several issues regarding foreclosures.

Florida home foreclosure rates continue to improve

Being ranked number one on a list is often cause for celebration. However, Florida once topped a list where many officials were not very pleased to see the state's name. In the past, Florida was first in the country for home foreclosure activity. However, a recent report shows that Florida has made improvements in this area.

Woman faces home foreclosure after Extreme Makeover renovation

Extreme Makeover is a reality television show viewed by many Florida residents and others around the country. The show chronicles the renovation of an existing home for a deserving family. Nine years ago, a woman in another state watched as her home was completely redone on television. However, she now faces home foreclosure and must leave her residence.

Home foreclosure rates improving for Miami-Dade County

After the mortgage crises, many indicators reflect improvement in the financial situations for homeowners in Florida and throughout the country.  Many measures are maintained to demonstrate performance of the housing market. While many improvements are being made, reports from a national real estate and property data provider show that one Florida county still has the room to improve when it comes to home foreclosure.

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