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Modification of debt repayment plan after confirmation

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can last between three and five years. During that time, a Florida filer's financial circumstances can change dramatically. Therefore, procedures exist to modify a debt repayment plan after confirmation if the changes are significant.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy was filed in good faith by elderly couple

Florida couples who are experiencing financial struggles often search for the debt relief option that will work best for them. For many, filing for bankruptcy will be the best option. Once that decision is made, the next hurdle is to determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will provide the best outcome.

The link between credit card debt and medical bills

While sources claim that the Affordable Care Act has lowered medical debt for many individuals here in Florida and across the country, many others are still struggling with it. In fact, approximately 64 million Americans struggled with this financial problem in 2014. Now, some research shows that there is a link between credit card debt and medical bills.

Bankruptcy could be the best debt relief option

Many Florida residents are talked out of filing for bankruptcy with stories of how it will ruin their credit and make it impossible to rebuild financially. They seek other debt relief options through credit counselors and other supposed debt management companies. Even if a program is not a scam, full of false promises and operated by less than honest players, it might not provide the answer for which many financially struggles individuals are looking.

Beware of the true cost of payday loans

Sometimes, consumers find themselves in need of immediate cash. Usually, the need is of an emergency nature such as a car repair, health emergency or other incidents that defy planning for. For some the need is great and resources for help are scarce. So, a consumer enters into the bizarre world of payday loans.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy often gets a bad rap

Florida residents who are overwhelmed by debt are often searching for the best debt relief solution. Many will fail to consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy, however. This is largely because of the amount of misinformation surrounding the process and the rights of filers.

Dealing with funds returned by creditors in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Florida residents with regular incomes and struggling with their finances have options. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy could alleviate their financial woes while allowing them to retain their property. As part of the proceedings, the filer is required to propose a debt repayment plan for approval by the court.

Be wary of companies that promise you a loan modification

Too many Florida homeowners understand the uncertainty of whether they will be able to keep their homes because they are unable to make the payments. It is that uncertainty and fear upon which mortgage debt relief companies prey. Every homeowner should be wary of any company that promises that it can provide him or her with a loan modification for a fee.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the best debt relief option

When a Florida consumer is having financial trouble, the prevailing advice is to work with creditors as much as possible and sell whatever can be sold. Therefore, people shy away from filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the mistaken belief that it should be a last resort. Even though there is a downside to individuals having a bankruptcy on their credit reports for 10 years, that does not mean that it is not the best debt relief option under the circumstances.

What a discharge means in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Getting some relief from overwhelming debts is something that many Florida residents both need and desire. However, there could be some confusion as to what debts can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and what debts cannot be. Here, we will explore the debts that generally are not subject to discharge.

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