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November 2016 Archives

A trip to the ER could call for medical debt relief

Many Florida residents frequent hospital emergency rooms when necessary. Many choose the hospital that is covered by their health insurance. The problem is that the doctors and other medical professionals that might be required for their care might not be considered within the network of the health care provider. This means that when the bills come in, they can be much higher than anticipated, which could prompt the need for medical debt relief.

Florida Supreme Court abolishes home foreclosure time limit

The Florida Supreme Court recently made a ruling that could potentially affect thousands of people across the state. Up until recently, lenders had five years to bring a home foreclosure action. However, the state's highest court recently ruled that the statute of limitations no longer applies.

Student was able to discharge loans in Chapter 7 bankruptcy

One of the first things that Florida residents discover when they contemplate going to court for debt relief is that student loans cannot be discharged except under certain circumstances. Due to this fact, many people do not even try. However, a woman did ask the bankruptcy court to discharge her student loans when she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and the court granted that request.

Minimum payments perpetuate credit card debt

For many Florida residents, the "plastic" in their wallets has helped them through tough financial times when there was just not enough pay check left at the end of the month. When the credit card bills come, they are only required to make a minimum payment. What is not to like, right? Unfortunately, making minimum payments only perpetuates credit card debt that can quickly end up becoming more of a financial burden than a help.

Impact of Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy on a Florida filer

The economy may be recovering from the Great Recession, but many Florida residents are still struggling financially. Many consumers continue to have trouble just making ends meet. Someone in dire financial straits might be considering filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but are not sure what either option can accomplish.

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy catch-22: How to pay for it

Florida residents who are overwhelmed by debt are often struggling to make ends meet. Even if they want to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many people do not believe that they can afford it. This is the catch-22 that many might consider to be a roadblock that they cannot get past while they search for freedom from their debts.

Is reaffirming certain debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy a good idea?

Some of the debts that Florida residents take on are secured by a piece of property that is considered to be collateral for the debt. An auto loan is one example. When a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed, those contracts are essentially broken and the lender ma have ultimately the right to repossess the property securing the debt. It might be possible to keep that property by reaffirming the debt, but it would be best to first determine whether that would be in your best interest.

Are you embarrassed about your credit card debt?

Credit cards are a crucial part of establishing credit history and making necessary large purchases. However, the immediate gratification of shopping using credit cards and the reward programs they offer make it easy to spend more than you intended to or even realize. Your bill may include interest charges and late fees that outweigh the deals and cash back you received when you made the purchase. Your accrued debt may be a great source of embarrassment. The good news is you're not alone and there is a way out.

Can bankruptcy stop a home foreclosure action?

Bankruptcy can be a useful tool for Florida homeowners who have gotten behind on their payments. Filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop a home foreclosure action in its tracks, but there are caveats. It might be possible for your mortgage lender to resume the foreclosure with the permission of the bankruptcy court.

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