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September 2017 Archives

Home foreclosure filings for August highest in 10 years

There have been several favorable indicators in the mortgage industry over the past several months following the crisis almost a decade ago. However, one metric moved in a negative direction, and industry leaders are watching carefully. The month-to-month increase of home foreclosure filings for Florida and elsewhere around the country more than doubled from the 10-year seasonal average.

Credit card debt even a problem for some with good credit scores

Many Florida residents and others around the country work hard to maintain strong credit scores. For some, however, credit scores may slip if they struggle with a significant amount of credit card debt. While this is typically the norm for those with significant balances on their cards, it is not always the case. A recent survey by a financial services company shows that even consumers with strong credit scores can still struggle with credit card debt.

What happens when credit card bills go unpaid

It doesn't take much for a Florida resident to fall behind on his or her financial obligations. A sudden job loss, a blown-out car engine or an unexpected illness can all create an immediate and impactful cash crunch. Knowing how to respond can make a big difference in how things will ultimately turn out. The following tips are offered in the hopes of helping consumers know what to do when their credit card bills are 30, 60 or 90 days past due.

Debt consolidation loans good option for some consumers

Many Florida families and others around the nation are dealing with high levels of debt. Some may struggle to make ends meet each month. They often look for ways to improve their financial situation. If there is a manageable amount of debt, one option may be to transfer all debt to a low interest rate credit card. However, some consumers may seek a debt consolidation loan to alleviate financial stress.

Tackle credit card debt with these 3 strategies

Paying off debt can be struggle for many Florida residents and others around the country. Many individuals carry a significant amount of credit card debt because they are able to pay only the minimum due each month. However, many consumers have goals to significantly reduce or even eliminate their credit card balances. Financial experts offer some suggestions on how to accomplish those goals.

Home foreclosure level lowest in over a decade

The mortgage crisis that began nearly a decade ago affected many Florida residents and others throughout the country. Many families were concerned that they could not keep mortgage payments current and feared they would lose their homes. However, improvements in the economy have also been reflected in the latest mortgage industry statistics. A recent report from a national financial services organization indicates that the home foreclosure numbers are at the lowest point in more than 10 years.

Develop a plan to eliminate credit card debt - no matter what age

Many young adults in Florida and around the country are deluged with credit card offers when they graduate from college or start a new job. While many may use them to build up a credit history and pay them off each month, others may quickly find it difficult to eliminate the balances. Before getting trapped in a cycle of credit card debt, personal finance experts offer suggestions on how to reduce debt, avoid interest payments and increase credit scores.

Is Chapter 7 bankruptcy a good option

For those suffering from ever-increasing financial stress and mounting debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer substantial relief. However, the law does set out some fairly specific requirements for who can file and what types of debts you can discharge this way.

Understanding short sales, pre-foreclosure and home foreclosure

Many Florida residents and others around the country have experienced financial difficulties, particularly stemming from the housing crisis about a decade ago. Families were faced with the possibility of losing their homes. While the economy has improved and the crisis has passed, there are often homes in many markets nationwide that are available through a short sale, pre-foreclosure or home foreclosure.

Ways to get credit card debt under control

Many consumers in Florida and around the nation use credit cards for household purchases. While some may routinely pay the full balance on the card each month, there are others who carry balances. In fact, the average credit card debt for a family in this country is around $5,700. This number almost triples to $16,000 for those families that carry balances each month. Financial experts stress the importance of getting credit card debt under control.

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