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December 2017 Archives

Medical bills could contribute to credit card debt in Florida

Having a considerable amount of debt that only seems to keep getting worse can be daunting for any Florida resident. They may wonder how they can get a handle on their finances while simultaneously accruing more and more credit card debt. Though credit cards can help bridge financial gaps in certain situations, they can also contribute to serious debt issues.

Rebuilding credit after Chapter 7 bankruptcy is possible

Many Florida residents struggle for a considerable amount of time when it comes to finding the best way to handle their substantial debt. In the end, many people may choose to utilize Chapter 7 bankruptcy in hopes of getting their financial affairs under control. Though this process may prove exceedingly useful, it can also cause some setbacks in regard to credit scores.

How home ownership may affect credit card debt

Home ownership is a goal for many Florida residents and others throughout the nation. Financial advisers often tout the tax benefits of owning a home as a reason to purchase a residence rather than continuing to rent. However, recent statistics from a financial services website show that homeowners tend to accumulate more credit card debt than those who rent.

Get a mortgage after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Many Florida residents and others around the country have experienced financial hardships during the recent economic climate. Some consumers have elected to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in efforts to get their finances back under control. Many assume that someone filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 cannot buy a home. However, this assumption is being proved wrong more often today.

Research takes look at recent loan modification efforts

Many Florida residents and others elsewhere in the country experienced financial hardships during the recent housing crisis. While concerns about losing their homes were prevalent during this time, several efforts were made by national government agencies to help curtail the losses. Government-sponsored enterprises, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were asked to reduce loan principal balances, while other programs like the Home Affordable Modification Program were established. A national financial services company recently released a report that assessed the effectiveness of the various loan modification efforts.

Reasons why consumers have hefty credit card debt

Florida residents and others around the country often see several benefits from the use of credit cards. The cards are convenient, safer than cash and help individuals establish a credit history. Despite these benefits, consumers often find themselves with an excessive amount of credit card debt. At that point, the conveniences of a card can create a potential burden. An online financial services company recently listed several reasons why people are incurring this debt.

Interest rate increase bad news for those with credit card debt

Indications from the Federal Reserve show that interest rates will be increased by the end of 2017. This forecast does not bode well for Florida consumers and others across the country that have credit card debt. The prime rate typically adjusts to the federal funds rate, so it will most likely increase as well. Since most credit card interest rates are linked to the prime rate, consumers are apt to be paying more for the balances they carry.

Changes made to Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms, other rules

There have been difficult financial situations for many Florida residents and others around the country in recent years. When consumers have evaluated their options and made the decision to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or another type of bankruptcy, they expect the process to be rather straightforward. Unfortunately, there are not standard forms used throughout the nation. However, a new form for Chapter 13 filings that should bring about some consistency was put into place on Dec. 1.

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