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When you've done all you can you may be able to get A Fresh Start

July 2018 Archives

Chapter 7 bankruptcy could provide the much-needed relief

Many Florida consumers quietly deal with an unwanted burden -- overwhelming debt. This can make every aspect of life more difficult, and it often weighs heavily on people's mental health. However, for many people, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a smart, financially safe option.

How to stop creditors and get debt relief?

For as long as there has been debt, debt collectors have existed. Many of these collectors use tactics that fall somewhere in the gray area outside of legal, although the law is perhaps a bit unclear on the matter. Coupled with the fact that debt collection fraud is rampant, many Florida consumers are unsure of where to turn for creditor and debt relief.

Many homeowners behind on house payments because of Irma

Natural disasters are unavoidable and often leave a wake of physical destruction in their paths. However, once the news crews pack up and leave, many people forget about the financial struggles of hurricane victims in Florida. For many, these types of disasters lead to them falling behind on house payments.

As Americans repay bills, debt relief still necessary for some

Paying back debt can be difficult, both financially and emotionally, but many Americans seem to be doing a good job of it. There are several factors that contribute to consumers' increased ability to repay their debts, including better job prospects and a thriving economy. However, this does not mean that all Florida consumers are doing so well, and many are still in need of other forms of debt relief.

Can a short sale stop home foreclosure?

Given the choice between a foreclosure and a short sale, which would you choose? Most people in Florida zero in one the word "sale" and make a quick decision. Although it certainly seems like a smarter option to quickly sell before home foreclosure hits, it can actually do a great deal of harm.

Did this myth contribute to your credit card debt?

The elusive credit score -- countless consumers across Florida are constantly trying to improve their scores. After all, better credit score can lead to better financial opportunities, like home mortgages and lower interest rates on credit cards. However, one pervasive myth may actually be hurting consumers and pushing them to accumulate unnecessary credit card debt.

You can keep important property during Chapter 7 bankruptcy

For those in dire financial straits, bankruptcy is usually the best option for debt relief. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a popular choice for many people in Florida, as, unlike Chapter 13, it does not require a repayment plan before debts are discharged. However, many debtors worry that they will have to give up every last asset they own in order to take advantage of this process. 

Behind on house payments? You have options

Buying a house is a monumental achievement. Putting down roots, raising a family and building a thousand tiny memories all help transform that house into what most people in Florida truly crave -- a home. When faced with the possibility of losing that home, most people are unaware that they have options even if they are behind on house payments. 

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