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How to stop creditors and get debt relief?

For as long as there has been debt, debt collectors have existed. Many of these collectors use tactics that fall somewhere in the gray area outside of legal, although the law is perhaps a bit unclear on the matter. Coupled with the fact that debt collection fraud is rampant, many Florida consumers are unsure of where to turn for creditor and debt relief.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is meant to prevent collectors from using certain methods when trying to recover a debt. This includes any behavior that is deemed unfair, deceptive or abusive. But what is unfair? A consumer might disagree with a debt collection agency on the definition of an unfair collection method.

As such, most debt collectors continue to rely on scare tactics and harassment to get people to hand over money they may otherwise desperately need. However, these methods often feel scarier than they actually are, as most agencies usually cannot follow through on most of their threats. Although it is possible that they can sue a debtor, it is unlikely that anything they recover from such a lawsuit will be worth the time and money it took to file and pursue a lawsuit.

Filing for bankruptcy can put an immediate stop to harassing phone calls from creditors. Although debt relief and improved financial straits are the obvious benefits of bankruptcy, many consumers overlook the emotional benefits. By stopping aggressive collection attempts and setting individuals back on course, bankruptcy can also help Florida consumers find a sense of peace.

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