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November 2018 Archives

Credit card debt could grow over holiday shopping season

Florida residents are no strangers to the lingering effects of the Great Recession and a decade of economic uncertainty. As a result, many people reigned in their spending habits. Now, experts believe that many consumers are suffering from frugality fatigue. With frugality fatigue hitting around the same time as the holiday shopping season, some individuals could end up accumulating more credit card debt than they otherwise anticipated.

Debt relief for medical bills is possible

Receiving an unexpected medical bill can be devastating for the average person's finance situation. But what about when a Florida patient is anticipating opening up their mailbox to find a large bill waiting for him or her? In some cases, knowing what is coming does not make it any easier. For those burdened by medical debt, debt relief can be a necessary component of financial recovery.

Want to avoid home foreclosure? Look in housing-diverse areas

Losing a home to foreclosure is a traumatizing event that often feels unavoidable. Now, some experts believe there could be a way to minimize the risk of such an occurrence. Florida homeowners who bought houses in neighborhoods with a greater diversity of housing types may be less likely to face home foreclosure than those who bought in more homogenous areas.

Can I discharge my tax debt in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Tax season can be a time of incredible stress if you do not have the funds to cover what you owe the government. As these bills grow, accumulating interest, you may find yourself at the bottom of an impossibly deep hole. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can usually help individuals in your situation, but you also need to determine if your tax debt is dischargeable through this process.

Consumers spend billions for credit card debt, interest

American consumers seem to be confident in their spending habits, but is the upwards trend sustainable? According to some experts, probably not. Consumers in Florida and across the rest of the United States are currently shelling out over $100 billion not in general credit card debt, but for the interest and fees on their cards alone.

Man could face home foreclosure for wife's nursing home bills

Most people would do virtually whatever it takes to provide necessary end-of-life care for their loved ones. Unfortunately, for some in Florida, doing so can put them at risk for home foreclosure. An out-of-state man is currently in this exact situation and may soon lose his home as his wife's former nursing home comes after him for unpaid bills.

Is student loan debt relief impossible?

According to experts, the outlook is not pretty for student loan borrowers. While a college education is virtually necessary to secure a good job in Florida, the cost of that education may feel like it is rising out of control. With predictions of defaults on the rise, borrowers may want to begin considering their debt relief options.

New credit score could lead to more credit card debt

Credit scores govern many aspects of daily life in Florida. From who is eligible for an auto loan to what kind of apartment a person is approved for, the credit score is an important financial tool that is not always easy to improve or maintain. Because of this, some may be pleased to learn that FICO scores are being overhauled. Unfortunately, experts caution that it could lead to an increase in credit card debt and more.

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