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Is it possible to avoid home foreclosure?

Struggling to pay your monthly mortgage? While this can be an isolating experience, you are not alone. Other Florida homeowners have faced this exact situation, and many were able to come out on the other side without facing home foreclosure. However, avoiding foreclosure requires a proactive approach, so taking action sooner rather than later is usually best.

Can debt relief help student loan borrowers buy a home?

For generations, buying a home has been a defining milestone of becoming an adult. Unfortunately, this goal is becoming harder and harder for some young adults to obtain, and it is not necessarily because of a rough housing market or overpriced homes. Debt -- student loans in particular -- are holding back many young adults from not just buying a home, but also from doing many other things with their lives. As such, debt relief through bankruptcy could be the helpful for some people who struggling.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help with financial toxicity

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event that can impact the rest of a person's life. The long-term effects of surviving cancer -- including the emotional toll of facing such a devastating disease -- can be difficult. However, one of the biggest hurdles facing young cancer survivors in Florida is something called financial toxicity, and it could be pushing some people toward Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Debt relief: higher interest rates could lead to bankruptcy

America has a serious fixation on car culture that might be hard to deny. Owning a motor vehicle is often about more than just transportation, and people in Florida often feel as if their choice of ride says a lot about who they are. However, as auto loans account for a significant portion of consumer debt, and interest rates are on the rise, some vehicle owners could find themselves in need of debt relief.

Bankruptcy filings are low -- why is that bad?

Debt is something that virtually every person will have to deal with at least once or twice during their lives. While some consumers handle these debts effectively, many people in Florida struggle with monthly payments for things like their credit cards, auto loans and medical bills. Lower rates of bankruptcy might indicate that consumers are getting better at paying back their debts, but some experts caution that this explanation is not the whole story.

Home foreclosure rates on the decline

Owning a home is a monumental achievement of the American dream. Unfortunately for some Florida homeowners, that dream has proven to be more difficult than expected. Recent data indicates that some of those difficulties could be on the downward slide, with rates of home foreclosure less than they have been in several years.

Credit counseling required before filing for bankruptcy

As someone considering filing for bankruptcy in Florida, you may be exploring your options and trying to figure out whether this may be the most effective method of getting your finances back in a manageable state. Many people having a hard time digging themselves out of debt due to credit card obligations, medical bills or what have you find that filing for bankruptcy gives them a much-needed new start, but there are certain steps you must take ahead of filing.

Last year's credit card debt outpaced predictions

Coming out of the holidays and into the new year can be an uncomfortable experience for some people in Florida. While virtually no one plans to become entrenched in debt, it is sometimes hard to escape. From feeling obligated to purchasing gifts to traveling to visit family, the holiday season can put a serious dent in some people's credit card debt as well as their financial security.

How filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy stops harassing creditors

Bankruptcy is often vilified as the final nail in a person's financial coffin rather than the breath of fresh air that it truly is. By the time a person in Florida files for bankruptcy, he or she are usually behind on one more debts and is dealing with other serious issues, such as harassing creditors or even foreclosure. One of the most pleasant surprises people get from filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the automatic stay that stops many of these issues in their tracks.

What should I do re home foreclosure on my investment property?

During the housing boom, Florida was a popular place for investors to scoop up real estate. Unfortunately, as the market declined over the years, many investors found it more and more difficult to keep up with the overhead costs of their properties. If you are one of those investors, it may be helpful to understand what to do when faced with home foreclosure on your investment property. 

Ready to stop home foreclosure? Here are some options

A house is not always just a house. Florida homeowners build memories within the four walls of their homes, and leaving those memories behind is not an easy process. This is why the process of home foreclosure is not just a financial issue -- it is also an emotional one. All is not lost, though, and many homeowners have options to effectively stop foreclosure.

When insurance fails, debt relief is often necessary

Supporting a Florida family often requires more than a single income, but few need five incomes just to survive. That is the sad reality for one out-of-state family as they struggle to repay thousands of dollars in medical debt. For families in situations like this, personal bankruptcy might be a more appropriate option for debt relief.

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