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Veterans seeking debt relief often give up their benefits

The decision to file for bankruptcy is not always easy and typically involves consideration of a number of financial issues. People in Florida have to consider many different factors before filing, such as their current level of debt, income and much more. However, for veterans, the decision to seek debt relief could be much more difficult.

Drivers with big auto loans might need debt relief

For some people in Florida, owning a vehicle is not a luxury -- it is a necessity. Public transportation is not always reliable and many people live in areas not frequently serviced by buses. Those without vehicles often struggle to maintain employment or to find anything that pays a living wage within walking distance. While owning a vehicle is often the key to getting to and from work, the cost of these vehicles could also be financially devastating, leaving some people in need of debt relief.

Can I get debt relief from my taxes?

Tax season is not always a pleasant time of year. While some Florida residents are expecting to receive a nice refund, you might be struggling with the reality that you are still not quite caught up on the taxes that you already owe. While it might seem impossible, tax debt relief is possible. Here is what you need to know.

Other than bankruptcy, how else can I achieve debt relief?

Dealing with debt is not always a crisis, but it often feels like that to those who are in the throes of past-due notices and harassing phone calls from creditors. Still, personal bankruptcy can be an effective option for many people in Florida. Despite this, some are hesitant to move forward with the process of bankruptcy, and instead are interested in finding ways to achieve debt relief on their own. Here are a few options that some may want to consider.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help stressed student loan borrowers

It is no secret that the cost of a college education is significantly out of reach for the average person in Florida. However, since securing a successful career often hinges on earning a degree, most students are willing to take on the monumental costs, including student loans. While most graduates work diligently to repay their loans, some are hit with an unexpected surprise after tying the knot -- their monthly payments go up. Even a moderate increase can quickly become too much to handle, a problem that Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help address.

How to stop harassment by creditors without filing for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be an effective way to stop harassing creditors in their tracks. However, much of the behaviors and tactics that creditors use are not legal in the first place. For those in Florida who are interested in how to stop harassment by creditors but are not quite ready to pursue bankruptcy, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Can debt relief help student loan borrowers buy a home?

For generations, buying a home has been a defining milestone of becoming an adult. Unfortunately, this goal is becoming harder and harder for some young adults to obtain, and it is not necessarily because of a rough housing market or overpriced homes. Debt -- student loans in particular -- are holding back many young adults from not just buying a home, but also from doing many other things with their lives. As such, debt relief through bankruptcy could be the helpful for some people who struggling.

Debt relief: higher interest rates could lead to bankruptcy

America has a serious fixation on car culture that might be hard to deny. Owning a motor vehicle is often about more than just transportation, and people in Florida often feel as if their choice of ride says a lot about who they are. However, as auto loans account for a significant portion of consumer debt, and interest rates are on the rise, some vehicle owners could find themselves in need of debt relief.

How filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy stops harassing creditors

Bankruptcy is often vilified as the final nail in a person's financial coffin rather than the breath of fresh air that it truly is. By the time a person in Florida files for bankruptcy, he or she are usually behind on one more debts and is dealing with other serious issues, such as harassing creditors or even foreclosure. One of the most pleasant surprises people get from filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the automatic stay that stops many of these issues in their tracks.

When insurance fails, debt relief is often necessary

Supporting a Florida family often requires more than a single income, but few need five incomes just to survive. That is the sad reality for one out-of-state family as they struggle to repay thousands of dollars in medical debt. For families in situations like this, personal bankruptcy might be a more appropriate option for debt relief.

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